Est1842 – Shiny Silver Croco Sneakers

Hi everyone, it’s sneaker time! Having a hard time deciding which shoes to wear? I received a gorgeous pair from Est1842 that matches with every outfit! Take a look and fall in love withthese beauties!

The shoes

I love that they put the brand on the back of the shoe, an extra cute touch! The leather fabric makes your feet feel comfortable in a steady sneaker. This isn’t just a pair you’ll have to throw away after one year. The quality is great and I feel like I can wear them for many years! I did my latest workout in these shoes and it went great, definitely fitgirlproof!

The sole is removable, comes in handy if you need place to put your orthotics in. Also there’s written “If you are going to kick ass, you need kickass shoes” on the soles, a little detail but it makes me smile!

You can find your own pair on the website of Est1842 for €99,95.

The brand

Est 1842 follows the latest trends in fashion and develop amazing collections. I’m so honored to be an “influester” this month for this great brand, they have shoes for every occasion! You can buy shoes online but they sell exclusive pairs in their selling points too! They’re situated in the Netherlands and offer free shipping to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Denmark!